Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Super easy meaty weeknight ziti

Sometimes I wonder why anyone bothers writing pasta recipes since it's so easy just to throw stuff in that you've got in the cupboard, freezer, and fridge.  Here's an easy weeknight pasta recipe anyway.

Beefy 'shroomy ziti - serves one with enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow

1/4 bag/box pasta or whatever you've got open in the cabinet 
1 totally freezer burned vegan veggie burger
Hand full of frozen mushrooms covered in frost that you saved from the summer farmer's market/CSA
Any remaining wine from wine glass from the day before when you fell asleep watching TV
Sprinkle italian herbs/garlic
2-3 big dashes of Tobasco
Any remaining Ragu or similarly jarred spaghetti sauce you find near the back of the fridge

Cook pasta.  Saute everything else together in pan and add pasta when done, then let cook another 5 minutes to absorb the sauce. 

Seriously and I wonder why I neglect the blog.  Clearly I need to cook more interesting stuff.  Me thinks it's time to make some vegan cupcakes...look out!