Monday, November 11, 2013

Fresh Green Clover Sprout Salsa

I think I invented something here...this salsa is not exactly made with shamrocks, but features tomatillos and clover sprouts.  I have no idea why I don't have a jar of salsa somewhere in the pantry, but if I did I wouldn't have had to make something awesome up to top my rice bowl.

Languishing in the back of the fridge was a vacuum sealed mason jar of summer tomatillos.  Newer, but no less ignored in the fridge were some fresh clover sprouts that I popped in there, uh, probably more than two weeks ago because they were grown and I ran out of avocado which is what I usually what prompts me to eat the sprouts.  They stay alive in the fridge for quite awhile, but don't grow much more.

Not really a recipe, but I started out with half an onion, about a cup of tomatillos in their juice, salt, a little ancho chile powder, a pinch of oregano, and some lemon juice and blended it up on low (you want it mixed, but don't want to crush the seeds.)  This was OK, but lacked freshness.  So that's when I stuck in the sprouts (about 2 cups) and gave it another whirl.  The sprouts added exactly what I wanted - a fresh clean taste.  Sure if I could keep cilantro alive, I probably would have used that instead, but I just got a whole dose of fresh sprouts in my dinner and I'm pretty psyched about it.  It's technically raw if I didn't plop on top of a rice and bean setian cutlet bowl...

The rest of the bowl is:

Freshly cooked rice - long grain rice with alcaparado which is just olives and capers with a bit of the juice, a pinch of saffron, and 1/4 cup of Rancho Gordo Frijol Chaac beans I cooked yesterday 

Baked Crispy Bean Patties from the Great Vegan Bean Book  (the recipe is in the "Look Inside" on Amazon)

Cashew Sour Cream from Artisan Vegan Cheese

JalapeƱo Hot Sauce I made for MoFo

Easy fresh dinner ready in a flash.  Signing off to eat and watch Bones on it's last Monday night (moving to Friday?!?) with fabulous vegan Emily Deschanel.