Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rockin' Detox - Kaeng Raeng

I was sent a sample of the Kaeng Raeng 3-day beginner detox.  I ended up doing the cleanse during a busy time at work, so mixed them up when I was hungry and drank them before remembering I should take photos.  So I'm using a few stock pics from Kaeng Raeng.  


I mixed each one with water when I was ready to drink it.  I forgot once and made it with room temp water which was so good, so I threw in a few ice cubes.  I used a 32 oz mason jar which made the perfect amount.  I made the blue one once with unfiltered cashew milk which made it even thicker and satisfied me through the evening.  

I usually started out drinking half, but was still hungry so drank the other half shortly after.  I couple of times I had another big glass of water with it and I wasn't hungry for awhile.

There are 3 flavors, basically mango/peach, strawberry/raspberry and blueberry/banana.

The mango was just OK, and I thought it was a little watery tasting the first day, but by day 3, I had gotten used to it more.  

Both the red berry and blue were very good tasting and I thought more satisfying, so I started the day with the mango and had the other 2 later.

What I liked was that the program suggests raw vegan food like fruits and veggies in addition to the smoothies.  I did have a salad each day, but it was more the thought that it's OK to eat something that kept me going.    

I did lose 1.5 lbs in the 3 days which is always a bonus.  Helps the pants fit so I don't need to buy new pants.

I liked it so much I just ordered the 6 day Master cleanse so I'll send another update when I get through that.  It comes out to about $20 a day which is pretty reasonable for all the good stuff in it.