Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quantum Wellness Cleanse day 15 and some corn pasta

I'm still doing the Quantum Wellness Cleanse. Caffeine was the only major hurdle and no gluten is just annoying. However, I've discovered some interesting things that are made gluten free. So here's a sort of product review of corn pasta. Pasta is my go to weeknight meal because I seem to always have something I can throw together to make a sauce. There were several gluten free rice pastas at the store, but something about the corn pasta made me really want to try it.

I made 2 dishes with the corn pasta. One was kind of a Mexican pasta sauce since it's corn spaghetti and all. Tomatillos, corn, part of a can of chili, some black beans, onions, garlic, that sort of thing. It came out really good. I thought I might have overcooked the pasta, but it kept its shape and didn't fall apart. It didn't really taste like corn, but it was really good anyway.

The second round was a basic Italian style sauce. Some garlic, red basil, olive oil, cherry tomatoes and zucchini. This time I tried not to overcook the pasta, but it ended up a little under done. It was probably perfectly al dente, but I guess I like mine a little less to the tooth. Still good, I just let it sit in the sauce for a little while to cook more and soak up the sauce.

All in all, for a gluten free pasta this corn spaghetti comes pretty close to normal. I'll probably get this again, and I really dug the Mexican pasta thing. Mexican Italian fusion cuisine.


For the Love of Guava said...

ooh... corn pasta.. interesting... those pairings sound good!

Jen said...

hmmm, veddy interesting. i just feel for peeps with all these food sensitivities. i'm glad you found a new GF option.

vegan.in.brighton said...

Cool corn pasta, I'll have to try that as I'm trying to stop eating wheat.

Nick and Sarah said...

I was trying to be gluten-free for a few days and tried rice pasta. It was yuck - just very gloppy! The corn pasta sounds like the perfect solution, if I ever need to go through all that again.

Charlene said...

Just curious how you made out on the Quantum Wellness Cleanse. I did it over the summer as well and am a HUGE fan!

Best wishes to you!