Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Perfect cup of cocoa

What goes with snow? Cocoa!
Who needs prepackaged cocoa mix when it's so easy to make a super rich chocolaty cup of cocoa from a few standard baking ingredients.

1. Take out your favorite mug and fill it with milk (soy, almond, whatever you've got.)
2. Take out a saucepan and turn heat to med-low.
3. Take a heaping spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder and add it to the pan.
4. Pour a small amount of the milk from the mug and whisk it together with the cocoa powder adding a little at a time until it is dissolved, then add the rest of the milk.
5. Add about a teaspoon of sugar to taste. You don't need too much sugar; you'll get more chocolate flavor if it's less sweet.
6. Continue whisking a bit to whip in some air until it is hot and bubbly.
7. Pour hot cocoa back into your mug, and top with some marshmallows (I used the rest of the Dandies)
8. Relax, watch the weather channel, and hope for a snow day.

Of course if you embrace newfangled technology, you could do this easily in the microwave, too, but it won't get you as warm and toasty as standing over the stove whisking your perfect cocoa.



Caroline said...

hmmm..... hot chocolate :)

I do almost the same thing, but I add 1/2 to 1tbs of cornflour too, making it thick and creamy.

With the cornflour, it can be very filling though, so best not eaten at mealtimes.

jessy said...

i couldn't agree more - stovetop cocoa is the way to go, especially with all this snowy slushy weather that's been going on. ugh. i loooove hot cocoa, but i haven't thought to make any - thanks for the tasty reminder, Jenn! i think i have some sweet and sara marshmallows somewhere in my fridge...... yay!