Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vegan MoFo day 2 - Juicer inspired by the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead"

The vegan month of food blogging has arrived!  This is my 4th year participating and I've got a few things going on.

First off I bought a juicer yesterday.  I haven't gotten the thing out of the box yet, but I'm getting ready to give it a whirl.  Just because I like to go all out on my gadgets, it's the super awesome one.  The good ones range from $100-$500.    

Here's the why and I'll follow up with the how it's going and what I'm making.

A.  I don't fit into my pants.  I got a new job with an awesome driving commute.  The downside is that I don't walk anymore as part of my commute.  I also miss the awesome fruit carts outside my downtown office where I would get fresh fruit and vegetable juices everyday.    

B.  My husband (a.k.a. the ninja) has been watching what seems like every streaming video documentary on Netflix.  On his own he stumbled on the man-movie Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead and decided he wanted to add more nutrients to his diet.  Knowing he's not going to power down several plates of vegetables each day he figures he'd be more likely drink the vegetables.  The ninja still insists he's not going to be vegan and doesn't want to look like Moby (sorry Moby) but after watching Joe Cross (the guy in the movie) and Phil (and the trucker guy he meets) get healthy, the ninja is motivated to make some healthy lifestyle changes.  He doesn't need to or want to actually lose weight, he just wants to get more nutrition.  

Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead - I'm watching it on streaming netflix now.
Yesterday I headed into the city to get my hair cut and stopped at a juice cart in Union Square for some veggie juices.  If you're in NYC, definitely look for the fruit carts.  You can get veggie juices, smoothies, and fruit bowls for less than $5.  It's the best bargain in town.  I was running a few errands, so I ended up going back two more times before heading home.  I was surprised that after only having 3 large vegetable juices, by 4pm I wasn't totally starving.  I had a snack, then brought the ninja to Andy's Pure Food in Rye.

We had a Green Monster and an Iron Maiden.  He didn't like the Iron Maiden, I think because it had cilantro in it.  I thought was good.  He liked the first few sips of the Green Monster, but then thought it had too much cucumber and tasted like pickles.  He drank about half.  He wants to make his own blend to find something he likes.  I think he's just got more taste bud adjusting to do than me, so we'll experiment.

Now off to Chef Central to pick out a juicer.  Everyone seems to recommend the Breville juicers which come in a range of prices.  After deliberating we went for the more power, easier to clean, and more metal parts option of the top of the line model.  It's pricey, but I use my accounting skills to amortize the costs.  If I use it everyday for just over a year, that's only $1 per day.  Then it's free for the rest of it's existence!  And I won't need to buy new pants.

I picked up my CSA veggies this morning, and I've got really fresh beets, kale, apples, peppers, and carrots.  So I'm off to experiment!

Stay tuned...        


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

I think my husband watched this movie too! I really want to get into juicing, but I get so lazy with it. All the cleaning involved with my juicer drives me crazy.

But there is seriously nothing better than fresh juice. I always do this one with a punch of greenery (kale,spinach,celery), an apple, and ginger. So good. said...

I love fresh juices, my Kenwood mixer actually has a juicing attachment that I never use so I'm hoping to get some inspiration from you this month.

Jenny said...

I haven't seen that documentary yet, but I've really been impressed with how many people I've read mention that their partners or friends want to change their diet after Forks Over Knives. I want to want FS and ND now just to see who Joe and Phil are. I like your rationale about $1 a day; that makes sense!

B.A.D. said...

Part of me keeps saying if I have a better (read less cheapo) juicer, I'd juice more. The adult part of me is on to my tricks.

Fresh juice is amazing though, maybe I'll talk myself into a fancier model because the current one feels so wasteful (lots of wet pulp plus a bitch to clean).

Becky said...

I watched this documentary too. Your house sounds like mine, with the constant stream of Netflix documentaries!! ^_^ Best of luck with your new juicer!! said...

This is totally the best juicer, I hope you enjoy it, I can't live without mine!!

Maxx Eve said...

LOVE that documentary! I juice every morning and its amazing. Awesome blog btw :)