Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kaiware avocado sushi

Yup.  More avocado and sprouts...

Kaiware are daikon radish sprouts.  They're pretty potently spicy all alone, but really perk up the same old avocado rolls.  I'm no expert sushi roller, and you don't even need to spring $3 for the rolling mat.  A piece of wax paper or a dish towel works just fine, too.  Sharp knife helps.


Here's the daikon sprouts rinsed and in a bowl.
Daikon Radish Sprouts (Kaiware)

My sprout set-up.  Wide mouth quart mason jars.  Ventilated lids.  A plastic shoebox.  Sprouting seeds/beans/grains.
From left to right:  Alfalfa, fennel, garbanzo beans
Soak seeds, drain, tip downwards.  Rinse & drain twice a day.  I thought I would forget or it would be annoying, but I rinse them in the morning and before I go to bed.  It only takes a few minutes.    


Anonymous said...

yum those sushi rolls look so delicious! i love acovado! mmm! thanks for sharing!

JL Goes Vegan said...

I am inspired! I need to sprout something, ASAP!