Sunday, January 20, 2013

Peanutty Sweet Potato Soup from Vegetarian Times

I needed to use up some sweet potatoes from my summer CSA that were trying to grow themselves  in my pantry.  I also had a jar of unopened jalapeño Harissa hiding in the cupboard that I had been meaning to try.  A quick internet search came up with this simple Vegetarian Times recipe which also includes peanut butter and spinach.  My mom used to make a peanut soup at Thanksgiving which I loved, so peanut butter in soup isn't that weird to me.  An immersion blender makes this a quick and easy one pot meal.

I topped it with some fresh cashew sour cream and a bit more spicy Harissa.  This would probably also be good with some sriracha if you're not into Harissa. 

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