Saturday, June 15, 2013

Vegan BBQ Torta from Mendocino Farms LA

The Vegan BBQ Torta is a 3 napkin sammich.  It's spicy and messy, but freakin' delish.  Boasting thinly sliced seitan in spicy smoky BBQ sauce, baked beans, avocado, candied jalapeños, and vegenaise on toasted ciabatta, this artisan sandwich really packs a punch.  Too bad it's my last day here or I'd be back to try the vegan banh mi later.  They also have a vegan veggie burger and a vegan Shawarma and a bunch of vegan sides.  Rock on!

Despite some convention sucking up all the hotel rooms downtown this week, I somehow lucked out and booked a supercool hotel room at The Standard that's around the corner from the office.  My room was totally rock star retro and featured a very bizarre foot "sculpture" prominently in the ginormous bathroom.  Hanging out with work colleagues on the roof deck was totally LA chic to boot even though the pool was closed.  

LA is definitely growing on me and the weather has been fantastic!

Finishing up the work day then taking the red eye home.

And yes, I have had "Walking in LA" by Missing Persons in my head the whole time!

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JL Goes Vegan said...

GAH! I love The Standard! AND I want that sandwich! You're a mad traveler these days ... and I'm glad you're loving every bite of it!