Thursday, February 12, 2009

Get out the vote!

Vote for me if you want to...

The voting ballot is after the photos and before the comments.

Subliminal message: Mini heart shaped heart shaped lasagnas...


(and extra thanks for voting for me with no prompting, Tara!)


River said...

The poll let me vote twice! I wasn't expecting that! Your lasagnas rock!!

jessy said...

not only did i vote for you on my computer here @ work, but i voted for you at home, too! :) i love your heart-shaped lasagnas - and making your own lasagna noodles makes it even more awesome!

happy friday to you!

Joanna said...

jenn, i miss you!!! i see you all the time in the facebook world, but not the blogging world. i'm such a lazy ass!! haha i hope you win this contest!!

rock of love is next on my list of idiotic things to do. i can totally see myself on that show- haha NOT. i don't think bret or the half-naked girls would appreciate my bathrobe very much.

Anonymous said... i too late???

yikes sorry....been really busy and no time for blogs!!

i'll try to vote now anyway!