Friday, March 20, 2009

The Great American Meatout!

So we had an awesome meatout lunch in the Cafeteria. Yup, 14 people had a meatless lunch today. Although some of them didn't realize until after it came that the shrimp and duck weren't really made from shrimp or duck! We ordered take out Dim Sum from Buddah Bodai in Chinatown and the very nice delivery guy rode his bike in the snow (yes, snow on the first day of spring) to bring us our feast. Of course I had to stick my camera in everyone's lunch to capture the food awesomeness. Some dishes were less well received than others (fake meats aren't everyone's gig.) But I think we all had fun trying new things. Here are some favorites...
Shredded Shitake Mushroom with broccoli.

Veg chicken fried rice and a spring roll.

Sweet sticky rice ball with coconut.

Pan fried stuffed bean curd and mixed fruits pancake.

Florence and Cindy enjoying the sticky rice balls and fried bean curd.

Pan fried turnip cake.

Veg. chicken with Chinese green veg in black pepper sauce

Veg. duck noodle soup.

Dee, Christina, and Karen digging into veg duck soup, sticky rice, and 2 kinds mushroom congee.

Fried sticky rice.

Steamed watercress dumplings drenched in dumpling sauce.

Mixed vegetable pan fried noodles.

Dry sauteed veg beef chow fun.

Sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaf.

And Kristen says of the vegan tofu cheesecake..."Oh, this isn't too bad!"

All in all a totally fun vegan luncheon for meatout day. I gave out fruit leather, vegan gummy bears, and larabars as treats so everyone can have a vegan snack for later.

Peace out.


Bianca said...

How neat! I wish all my co-workers would have done that today! I sent out a company email asking them to refrain from meat. But I doubt that did them any good.

DJ Karma said...

What a fun way to allow people to be more aware of veg lifestyles! Great job, Jenn!!

aredcardigan said...

AWESOME!high 5!

Ohhh I wish I could have been there to enjoy the feast too!

Am glad you had so much fun and brought awareness to friends who are willing!

Have a good weekend dear!


the little one said...

Nice job Jen! You should get a Meatout gold star!

Stay Vegan! said...

What a rad way to get the word out! I'm impressed!

River said...

This is so cool! You are the best Ambassador of Vegan Awesomeness!

Oh I hope you enjoy your Lost in Austen! I'm obsessed with mine! Hang in there until April!

jrsimon56 said...

Looks like you all had fun. I've gotta try that restaurant. Sounds delish!

For the Love of Guava said...

OMG! Your spread looks amazing! Kudos to you lady!