Sunday, May 17, 2009

French Toast! Santé!

I made Bianca's tester for French toast and it is so fast, easy, and yummy you'll wonder why you don't eat French toast every day. I hadn't made vegan French toast before and sans eggs you can get this by any omni.
I had a baguette from Thursday that was begging me to save it from being bread crumbs. It was stored in a plastic bag, but was the perfect amount of staleness for French toast.


Bianca said...

I've gotta try this with a baguette! I've only made it with my stand-by Ezekial bread cause that's all I ever have on hand. But I'm gonna have to buy some baguettes and try it that way.

Sorry about the molasses/sorghum confusion. Sorghum is pretty much only available in the South. Molasses is everywhere though and blackstrap is a kind of molasses. But I think the recipe would be tasty with maple syrup too! Molasses has a stronger flavor than sorghum, so people using molasses probably have to already like molasses to like it in the syrup.

Jeni Treehugger said...

That looks sooo yummy. I've never made vegan French Toast either but looking at that photo really makes me want to!

Amanda said...

I love french toast!! Looks delicious. You lived in Summahville too?? How funny..I live in Cambridge right outside of Davis Square now but lived in Somerville near Porter from 96-97..where did you live?

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

That French toast is like woah!