Saturday, June 13, 2009

Barbara Kingsolver and a Stay Vegan Poll

I read a lot of books about food. I'm rereading Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver to get inspiration for eating local. The farmer's market is open and my CSA shares start tomorrow. I've always got plenty of staples in the pantry, so I'm going to try to not eat take out as much and start making more of my meals from fresh local ingredients. In case you're not familiar with Barbara Kingsolver click the link to see her books. She's an wonderful novelist who loves to share her opinions and has a writing style that I find refreshingly readable. Animal Vegetable Miracle follows her family for a year in their effort to "live off the land" in West Virginia. Just be warned, this is not a vegan book, though she is vegetarian friendly, the family raises chickens and turkeys for eggs and food. They do have a whole vegetarian Thanksgiving. The book is mostly about the vegetables and I really enjoy it.

Back to actual vegan topics...Stay Vegan is taking a poll on how long you've been vegan. Check them out to vote.


nora said...

I just finished AVM a week or 2 ago! I loved it, but I'm still eating bananas...*blush*

Tracy said...

Thanks for the tip, sounds like a great book! We really need to rejoin our CSA, I miss all the fun stuff we would get and our garden gives us good things but not nearly the variety we would like.

Gina said...

I started reading this book last summer, and its been sitting in my pile ever since. I'm not sure why, I don't even think I got much further than the asparagus chapter, which I loved!