Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nicoise Salad - Vegan Unplugged

I'm really digging Vegan Unplugged.  For lunch I had the Nicoise Salad.  There's no cooking involved, so this can be assembled super quick. The salad is a light summer lunch which is good since it's still really hot and humid despite getting the beginnings of the Hurricane Irene rains.  No lettuce needed and the tiny white beans give it nice body and are quite filling.  The basil vinaigrette dressing is so easy you'll wonder why people ever buy salad dressing.  

Don't fear that if we lose power I'l have eaten my entire stash box; I've got plenty of reserves.  Armed with the five day meal box and Vegan Unplugged, I'm feeling really prepared for the upcoming ridiculous weather.

Be safe.

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