Monday, February 20, 2012

If you're playing Friends trivia, it's Joey's favorite food...


Everything tastes better toasted.

Pepperoni Pizza Toasty

2 slices of bread
3-4 slices of Vegan cheese
2 slices Vegan turkey
8 slices Vegan pepperoni 
Tomato sauce

I know you don't really need a recipe for a sandwich, right?  I used the Cuisinart Griddler panini press to make it toasty.  I have the original version of this gadget, and it's quite multi functional for a small apartment.  

Spread the vegenaise on the bread, spread tomato sauce over that.  Add a layer of cheese, turkey, pepperoni and cheese (so you have cheese net to the bread on both pieces.)  Then place on preheated griddle and toast to toasty perfection.  Put at an angle, then shift 90 degrees to get cool hash marks. Sometimes I spray with non-stick canola spray and sometimes I don't, it really comes out the same.


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