Friday, May 24, 2013

It's really just oatmeal, and it's awesome - Viva Vegan Con day 1

So I'm here in Portland, Oregon.  I already checked into the Vida Vegan Con and picked up my awesome swag bag which is wicked heavy and needed to be stashed back at my hotel so I can walk around unencumbered.  Now I have a little time to kill and I'm starving.

I considered digging into my swag bag of treats, but really that should be for late night hotel snacking similar to raiding the mini-bar.

Did I mention I'm in the land of Portlandia?  Sometimes it's overwhelming when you know there should be vegan stuff at every corner, but nothing is popping out at you.

An then it does...

There's a block of semi-permanent looking food carts near my hotel.  Sonny's breakfast bowl is making me a happy camper.

Plus it's got cinnamon on it.  (The ninja is allergic to cinnamon, so I don't normally have it.)  

Super swag bag of awesomeness.  I didn't really dig through it all yet, but Kombucha starter kit.?  How cool is that!

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