Monday, May 27, 2013

Last day in Portland - Shopping and good eats!

Of course it started out rainy; it's Portland!  Didn't stop Jodie the Picky Vegan from texting me out of bed to head over to the vegan mini-mall!

We popped into Herbivore first and I choose a bunch of cute recycled purse type things.  I've always wanted a seatbelt purse, so this little wristlet in front is perfect (also comes with a long purse strap.)  I skipped the heavy stuff like books, so I can keep my luggage under 50 lbs!

Then we stepped over to Food Fight Grocery.  Even though I didn't need any actual groceries, it was fun to look around when everything on the shelves is vegan!  I did pick up the cool tote bag and water bottle.

Just down the street a bit is the Hungry Tiger Too cafe.  One side of the menu is all Vegan!

Chicken and Waffles - the chicken is fried tofu and it was surprisingly flavorful with a chewy texture and the waffle was pretty darn perfect, too!

And since I've been enjoying the fake cheese and meats a bit to much over the last few days, I thought it was time I had a salad.  The citrus vinaigrette was fresh and light on a dreary day!

Jodi had one of the fancy burgers that was topped with crispy onions - that she loved, something bacony, and bbq sauce.

And when there's Mac-n-cheese on the menu how can you possibly resist.  Jodi had a good foodie word to describe the sauce at the time, but we can't remember what it was!  In any case, the garlicky cheesy sauce was bright and zippy!

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