Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vegan Ethiopian Food - Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food and NY Meet-up at Lalibela Mt. Kisco

My recent vegan Ethiopian craving came about when I got Kittee's zine Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food at Herbivore when I was in Portland.  I met Kittee in real life at the Vida Vegan Con and she is even cooler in person than in the blog-o-sphere!

I made the injera fake-outs which turned out pretty OK despite me having really no idea what I was doing.  Work has been pretty crazy so instead of making the other awesome recipes in the book, I made an ethiopian fake-out salad with Trader Joe's salsa, avocado, and some berbere seasoning I bought at a spice shop in Grand Central Market.

All this fake-out'in was good, but I needed the real thing.  A quick magical google search for Ethiopian found Lalibela in Mt. Kisco, so I figured why not set-up a meet up

We had our meet-up tonight which turned out to be really fun and delicious.

The communal dining experience can be a little weird among relative strangers, but everyone was game and even the initial non-sharers decided to join in the fun.  The dishes are lentils, spicy lentils, split peas, string beans, cabbage, and collard greens.  We also enjoyed some Ethiopian beer and coffee.

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Jodie said...

I really, really wish I could have gone! Being sick is no fun. :-(