Saturday, April 18, 2009

Making the world a little more vegan...

We all know the pitfalls of thinking something is vegan and then finding out isn't always as animal friendly as we thought.Molly from POM recently sent me a sample case of POM pomegranate juice and I was totally stoked to guzzle it down and promote it, but then I saw the comments on Joanna's blog about how they supported animal tests to prove the benefits of the all mighty pomegranate. I thought I should dig a little further.

After Peta got involved in the effort, POM has stopped testing on animals and has no plans to resume it. The literature I received from POM highlights the human tests that show how good it is for people. Check out POM's website for more information.

Now you can be really militant and say, well they used to be OK with animal testing, so now I don't want to support them at all. I think the opposite. When the people get together and show that we want something done and achieve victory, we should support and thank those that have come around. I mean most of us weren't always vegan and anyone who's ever popped even a Tylenol has supported animal testing. If you haven't yet read Karen Dawn's Thanking the Monkey, check it out for lots of great tips on becoming (and staying) an animal rights advocate.

Anyway, I totally enjoyed my POM juice mixed with some seltzer. And I feel pretty good about it.


VeganLinda said...

This is great to know. I enjoy pomegranate anything and we've had the juice (when we could afford it). Then I read about the animal testing and was so sad. Thanks for the update on where they stand on animal testing.

DJ Karma said...

I didn't know that about Pom- I got a case too, and the only thing I was sort of put off by was the wasteful packaging. Cute bottles, though.

Kelli said...

The story I head was that when Whole Foods refused to carry Pom because of the animal testing, Pom decided maybe they better re-think things. But anyway.

I went through a similar "to drink or not to drink" thing with Silk soy milk. Silk, of course, is owned by some major dairy conglomerate. I wondered if I should boycott it, but then decided that I should use their products, thus creating less demand for cow's milk, and more for soy milk! You know, sending a message and all. And after all that, I discovered Vitasoy, which is way better anyway. =)

Gina said...

Jenn, they contacted me after I read the same blog, and I thought the same thing. I have yet to post about it though (so busy, boo), but I think its good that now they HAVE taken a stance against it.

ginger said...

i actually read a memo from
POM that said they stopped testing only because they were being boycotted and there was nothing that said they regretted doing it or that they had no plans to do it in the future. they did things like stop animals' hearts to see how the greatness of POM protected the heart from permanent damage just so they can make their health claims.
it's good to see they've come a little farther. i had stopped buying their products because they're just nasty people with zero compassion. i think i'd feel comfortable with this new information.

thanks jenn!

ginger said... dream tastes better than silk anyway. :)