Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sweetgrass Seitan and an evening with Rick Springfield

Finally, my local veg friendly restaurant in Tarrytown, NY, Sweetgrass, has a seitan dish.

I was expecting more of a "steak" but this thinly sliced seitan served it up with flavor.     

Sweetgrass has also refined the Vegan Shepherd's pie.  The mashed potato crust is perfectly crisped and the meaty jackfruit gives it authentic texture.  

Just the right amount of veg, potato, and shredded jackfruit in each bite.

And that wasn't even the most exciting thing of the evening.  My neighbor (yes the bird saving neighbor) and I went to see Rick Springfield at the Tarrytown Music Hall.  (You know...Jessie's Girl.)

Here's a nice blurry photo to set the mood.  

I love the storytelling, acoustic format which feels really intimate and personal.  The Music Hall is a really cool venue (like my old favorite the Somerville Theater in Massachusetts).  He was quite genuine and funny and the songs were great.

He even stayed after for  Q&A which was really cool.  In addition to being an actor, songwriter, pop star, and all around hot guy; Rick wrote a novel called Magnificent Vibration that of course I downloaded and started reading last night.

All in all a fun night out in my town. 


Lauren Rose said...

The seitan looks delicious! Isn't it so fun to find vegan friendly surprises in your own home town? I have a tendency to only think of showcasing vegan-friendly food when I'm traveling, but the truth is sometimes you can find it right down the street! :)

Unknown said...

So lucky! I love Rick Springfield. And the food looks great too! :)