Friday, October 17, 2008

Vegan MoFo 17 Secret ingredient unveiled

I'm going to watch Japanese cartoons instead of cooking dinner. Kittee has just announced this weeks Iron Chef ingredients. Rice and seaweed!


the little one said...

Timely, considering your previous post. Are you going to take on the Challenge? I have admit to freaking out about it. I'm not sure this one's for me

Jenn said...

Oh, heck yeah, I'm taking it on. I have the awesome rice cooker and easy access to a Japanese grocery with fresh ingredients. So I'm going to experiment.
If you like Japanese food and have some time to play, you should give it a shot. The spicy tempeh rolls from the Veganomicon are on the first episode of the post punk kitchen.

They key tricks are, use rice labeled sushi rice, cook it (boil, then simmer at lowest possible heat for 15 min, turn it off and let it sit for 10 more min), then add rice vinegar, salt and sugar while it's warm, then let it cool at room temperature. Google "sushi rice" for a bazillion sites that show you how.

Even if you make rolls that look ridiculous (and you will) they will still taste good.