Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vegan MoFo day 14 Nut/Seed Butter

At the farmer's market, I got the most giant celery known to man.
I've been trying to figure out what to do with said giant celery monstrosity. It doesn't fit in the fridge and I have yet to totally hack it up. Some went into the weekend veggie stock.

Today I'm having a snack/lunch with celery covered in sunflower seed butter. This stuff is seriously awesome. A lot like peanut butter, but you can taste the sunflower seeds. I got mine at Trader Joe's. I'm pretty happy because I ate this as a snack at about 11:30 (it's 2 o clock) and I'm still not hungry. Could be the 100 calories per tablespoon, and I had at least 4, but still, I feel totally satisfied. It's not raw (the sunflower seeds are roasted) and it's got added cane juice and salt, but I think this may spawn further adventures into things to spread on healthy vegetables. Maybe I'll try a raw day...more on that later.


maggie said...

The celery is so big it doesn't fit in the refrigerator? I'm picturing something monstrous. You'd better eat it before it becomes sentient.

I picked up my tahini from my mom's house yesterday where it had been living happily and undisturbed, but I do share your love of nut and seed butters, so it won't remain so for very long. I've read that healthy fats contribute to satiety, so that's probably why you're not getting noshy this afternoon.

the little one said...

Hmm. A raw day? I don't know if I could do it.