Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vegan MoFo day 7 - Spices are Nice

There's a Penzeys spice store in the market in Grand Central and it's about the only place in there where things aren't ridiculously overpriced. Sometimes when I don't have anything to read on the train, I pick up a catalog and plan out dinner on the ride home. If you can get past the meat named spices, just think of all the vegan things that can be created out of spices traditionally used to season meats.

They even print nice things in the catalog, like suggesting the Pork Chop Seasoning on thinly sliced tofu fried up for a bacon substitute. Easy and yummy salty tofu goodness. I haven't tried it on tempeh yet, but you get the idea.
Other good ones are the Chicago Steak Seasoning on grilled portabello mushrooms. Smoky and hearty.
English Prime Rib rub in meatless meatballs or lentil nonmeatloaf.
The Pizza Seasoning has fennel in it, so you get an Italian sausage flavor, without the fat as they say. The Italian sausage seasoning does about the same thing. And the breakfast sausage seasoning is nice, too with your tofu scramble.

For the lazy vegan who doesn't shun TVP, any of the above spices are great mixed in for fast analogs that will satisfy the non-veg husband.

Check them out for everything from cocoa to lemon extract to dried chili peppers to curry seasonings. I find the "normal" herbs and spices are always fresher and stay fresh longer than grocery store varieties. I am a fan.



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Penzey's is my happy place.