Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vegan MoFo day 16 Veggie Sushi

I was pleased to discover the vegetartian sushi options at Haru on Wall Street. I've made vegan rolls before (spicy tempeh, thanks ppk!), but I hadn't bothered to make the rice ball and put something veggie on top of it. A thin strip of nori holds the veggie on the rice.
From left to right, asparagus, inari (sweet fried tofu pouch), kaiware (sprouted daikon radish), avacado, namatake mushroom, shiitake mushroom, tofu.
In the back is an avacado/cucumber roll and an ume (pickled plum)/shiso (herb) roll. The ume shiso combo is interesting. I love ume, but this one was declared "stange," "sour," and "too salty", by my co-workers who were brave enough to try it. The ume is salty and sour and the shiso-also called perilla-is a leaf in the mint family, but I don't think it's minty.
**New camera takes happy photos.


Jeni Treehugger said...

Sushi just keeps popping up in my life all over the place. I've yet to try it 'cos I've always felt a bit intimidated by it but that looks so good!

Mihl said...

Wow, that looks amazing. What a variety!

LeAnne said...

veggie sushi is amazing. I just got new book on how to present your sushi so the insides are pictures. a rose, a cherry blossom tree... but most of all, I'm dying to make the PANDA BEAR!!!

Anonymous said...

We have a Haru in Philadelphia! I enjoyed their veggie sushi plate because it was the first time I've had more than just avocado/cucumber/asparagus rolls. The Ume one sounds interesting, I didn't have that one.