Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vegan MoFo day 19 Iron Chef Sushi!

First up is a steamy brown rice miso in a kombu dashi with wakame.

Sushi roll 1 is a pickled burdock(kind of like a carrot) and kaiware(daikon radish sprouts) roll. Sushi roll 2 is a chickpea cutlet(Veganomicon), gourd strip, and kaiware roll. And the cutest chickpea cutlet sushi.
And I just wouldn't be me if there wasn't a drink. There's no way to make this look pretty, but it tastes great. Rice milk, mango and spirulina. I put it last because it is sweet, but I think this would be a good cocktail with sake added.


Ginger said...

i'd eat all that and the drink too! i've never made sushi...that makes you extra cool. :)

the little one said...

You're a pro! And creative! The cutlets in sushi is inspired.

Jeni Treehugger said...

That all looks so good - even the drink!
Good challenge - well done.

Anonymous said...

Three courses PLUS three varieties of sushi? Very impressive. They all look so tasty... and I would definitely want to try that cocktail.

Kevin said...
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Tofuligans said...

Wow, chickpea cutlet sushi! That's the type of innovation I like to see!