Saturday, January 3, 2009

Southern pecan pancakes

Bianca at Vegan Crunk is testing out some recipes for her cookbook and this week is Cinnamon Pecan Waffles. Being a tester is the perfect project for me. I get to buy stuff, cook stuff, and eat stuff like it's my job. My mom, the cookbook aficionado, is impressed I'm a tester. Mom also called this morning to check what I did in our last batch of fridge bread dough. I should have just pointed to my blog post, but I told her anyway.

OK, so the test recipe has morphed into pecan pancakes because I don't have a waffle iron and the ninja says he's allergic to cinnamon. It's even more the smell than the taste, so I avoid cinnamon candles and baking with it (rest stops with Cinnabon are particularly annoying-thanks New Jersey*.) But if the ninja puts up with all my vegan quirks and subjects himself to endless experiments in cruelty free cooking, I suppose I can't complain about his one normal ingredient issue. I was actually going to buy a waffle iron, but mom says she thinks she has an "extra" one somewhere in the house, so maybe I'll get one...eventually. I know I had one, but I think it went in the great purge from Boston.
The griddle is the cuisinart pannini grill. It would be better if one of the sets of plates was for waffles, but it's OK for pancakes. I must have the hit settings right (400 degrees), because the pancakes cooked perfectly. The thing is generally a little temperamental, so I won't actually recommend it as a necessary gadget. Now that I've dug it out, guess it should get some play as a pannini press, but I'll have to get to that later.
The pancakes were fantastic. I powered down 4. The recipe makes 8 waffles, but I made 20 pancakes with 1/4 cup batter each. Use a tablespoon measure for perfect silver dollar sized pancakes. I know what I'm having for breakfast all week.
In case you were wondering, maple syrup does "go bad" if you leave it opened in the cupboard too long (could have been there up to 4 years.) Mine had a layer of slimy mold on it which is apparently harmless and can be skimmed off. I did pick up some new syrup and it's local! Produced in Conesville, New York 135 miles away.

*Side note to the NJ rest stop...on the way back from DE after Christmas, I was getting my BK veggie burger (no mayo) and turned to stare into the eyes of a familiar face. I looked away and as we walked away, subtly turned to the ninja and said "hey, I think that's Elliot Spitzer." The ninja then turned around, waved, grinned, and said something like "hey, howya doin'" and Mr. Spitzer nodded in recognition. He was with his family and was driving a minivan.

While I'm at it, I also saw Russel Simmons in Union Square on Halloween. I have no appreciation for hip hop, but I know a good vegan when I see one.


Tara said...

Wow, pancakes and famous people in one post! The pancakes look perfect and delicious. I'm horrible at making pancakes but none of the local restaurants have vegan versions. Thus I am forced to eat low-quality pancakes. I guess I'll just look at your blog and drool!

leanandstrong said...

I've been on a wild pancake making spree too, though I have no recipe-testing excuse! Yours look great, as usual :)

leanandstrong said...

I've been on a wild pancake making spree too, though I have no recipe-testing excuse! Yours look great, as usual :)

Mandee said...

Yum, I love the sound of pecans in pancakes! And when I make waffles/pancakes we go through maple syrup so quick it's hard to thnk it could ever go bad!

Amanda said...

Yep, you gave me your waffle iron as part of the Great Purge of 2004. I already had one at the time, so I passed it on to my mom. Why my mother, of all people, didn't have a waffle iron is beyond me, but she's awfully glad to have yours now. :)

Jenn said...

Ha! I'm glad the waffle iron went to a good home!

Anonymous said...

Yum!! Being a taster sounds awesome - helping others and all that good food at the same time - sign right up please! I started making pancakes like they are going out of style lately too, mainly because it is hard to find local breakfast options that are not made at-home, and yours look so good.
Thanks for sharing about the maple syrup -I have a jug in my cabinet that is from this year's sap and have been thinking that "well, no rush, it will keep" and now I have reason to use that goodness ;-)

Oh, the fridge bread dough - it rocks. I made a batch of bread with that recipe yesterday, oh wow. Now I'm definitely on edge waiting for the book to arrive.

ginger said...

i haven't popped by in awhile so i don't know when you spiffed up your page, but i like the new suits you.

i want a waffle iron, but i have no space for one.

River said...

Aren't those pancakes/waffles the best?

I never remember that Russell Simmons is vegan, plus I always get his name confused with Richard Simmons! :)