Sunday, September 1, 2013

2013 Mofo 1 - Vegan Spice Rack

The Vegan Month of Food or MoFo is upon us and it's in September for the first time which means we've still got lots of summer veggies in season.  This is my sixth mofo!  The amazing organizers are still finalizing the blog roll, so I'm not on it just yet for some reason, but you can check out all the other cool vegan bloggers participating this year.

I'm starting off the Mofo with my spice rack arsenal.      

I spend all year thinking up themes and posts for the Mofo, but eventually I just end up posting whatever seems to be on my mind at the time.  Today I alphabetized my spice rack, so that explains this post in a nutshell.  Pretty much all spices and herbs are vegan and there are many "meat" blends that make vegetables extra meaty.

I do dig Penzeys, so here's some of my favorite blends and what to do with them:

Breakfast Sausage Seasoning - Mix into meat substitute or roasted potatoes for an easy breakfast sausage flavor

Chicago Steak Seasoning - sprinkle on and grill portabella mushrooms for an amazing not-a-steak

Italian Sausage Seasoning - Mix into meat substitute or eggplant and add to pasta sauce for a nice fennel sausage taste without the meat and fat

Pizza Seasoning - Similar to the italian sausage seasoning, but added to homemade pizzas or garlic bread adds a nice pizzeria touch

Poultry Seasoning - Instantly livens up vegetable broth into un-chickeny goodness.  Also nice added to mashed or baked potatoes

I just placed an order to restock and I'm trying the berebere and the Bratwurst Sausage Seasonings.  I'll let you know how they are in later posts.  Penzeys has some brick and mortar stores, but the one in Grand Central closed, and I usually spend enough for free shipping, so on line works great.

The actual spice rack is Elfa from the container store.  I find it flexible and it holds a lot for the space it's in.  I can move the shelves and half pint mason jars also fit into the small racks.  

Happy Mofo!


River said...

Penzeys! Oh man, we were in Indianapolis a few months ago and I saw a Penzeys store but it wasn't open. I pressed my nose against the window and moped, dreaming about all the herbs and spices that were on the other side of the glass. Happy MoFo!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Um...yes! I love your spice rack. I really really really need to organize my spices. It's sad in there right now.