Friday, September 6, 2013

2013 Mofo 6 - Ethiopian

I'm no Queen of Sheba but I definitely enjoy my  Ethiopian food.  Tonight I took the husband out for Ethiopian in Mt. Kisco, NY at Lalibela.  He's never had Ethiopian food before, but he dug right in with gusto.  We started with an avocado salad and moved onto a sampler of vegan dishes then enjoyed strong Ethiopian coffee.

The sampler platter includes lentils, split peas, spicy lentils, collard greens, string beans, and cabbage served on injera.  This is a meal to eat with your hands and you tear off bits of bread to scoop up the deliciousness.   

The avocado salad was loaded with fresh jalapeño and was extra spicy!  The best parts are the bits of bread that have been sitting under the dishes soaking up the flavors.   

 On the table they included some information about teff, the grain used to make the spongy injera.

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