Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2013 Mofo 11 - Candle Cafe

Dinner at Candle Cafe.  Yes there were only two of us...

 Wine and beer

Seitan Chimichuri - Probably my favorite seitan dish anywhere

Fresh Spring Rolls

Green ginger bomb shot or some similar name.  Small package, but this little beauty was complex and savory.  

Seitan au poive - another fantastic seitan dish.  The garlic potatoes were delish.

Fried green tomato Napoleon - laters of tomatoey goodness

 Grain beverage late - a little off beat, but tasted kind of like barley tea

Soy Chai Latte

Chocolate Mousse Pie - rich and chocolatey

Banana Cake - who can say no to banana cake?

OK so we took some of the cake home, but this was a much needed feast to enjoy with a friend after work.

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