Saturday, September 7, 2013

2013 Mofo 7 - Meet-up

Want to meet other vegans in real life?  Go to a vegan meet-up.  If there isn't one where you live, then attend one when traveling to another city, or better yet, start your own!  I host The Westchester NY Veggie Eat-up which came together after the organizers of two area vegetarian groups stepped down and no one was taking them on.  Because I was taking over vegetarian groups, I kept them technically vegetarian, but the diners tend to be or lean towards being vegan.  We always make sure to choose events with a good variety of vegan options.

The site fees are fairly reasonable ($11 a month) and you can charge it back to the members if you want.  I decided to foot the cost, but I suggest that people leave extra for the servers or donate to their favorite animal group in lieu of forking up a buck or two back to me.  I also let other members host meet-ups so that it isn't just me having dinner down the street every month.

Today's meet-up hosted by Carmella of the Food Duo features browsing the Pleasantville, NY Farmer's market with lunch at Bhog Indian following.  Pleasantville has a big and crowded market located in the commuter train parking lot.  I felt a little guilty as I passed my little Tarrytown Farmer's market on the way to Pleasantville, but I've got to say this one is much bigger and really popular.  

I scored some potatoes, onion, and poblanos.  On Carmella's recommendation, I also got the next to last vegan lemon lime square from a local bakery that I'm about to have with my tea.

Lunch was right around the corner at Bhog.  The restaurant manager was really helpful in pointing out the menu items that were already vegan and others that could be made vegan.

I opted for my favorite Southern Indian specialty, Dosa.  These rice pancakes are filled with spiced potatoes and onions.  Despite looking like a heavy burrito it's actually quite light and crispy.  The sauce at the top seemed quite a lot like soup, but is an accompaniment to the dosa and I used the unfilled ends of the crepe-like wrapping to soak up the sauce.  

Here are some of the other eat-up diner's dishes.  Channa Masala (the picky vegan's entree), eggplant, vegetable dosa (served open faced) and cauliflower. 


Another fantastically fun meet-up organized by The Food Duo.  If you find yourself in the Westchester, NY area, come visit!

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River said...

That dosa! Just last week I saw Alamelu Vairavan making some sort of dosa on PBS and it looked so good. Maybe it's time for me to learn how to make them.