Monday, September 2, 2013

2013 Mofo 2 - Dehydrator

Vegan cuisine wouldn't be the same without a little uncooking.

I finally got an Excalibur dehydrator.  I have a ridiculously small kitchen, but I got the 9 tray anyway.  I'm surprised at how often I end up using all the trays at one time.  The CSA peaches and plums from yesterday were already ripe, so to save them from the fruit flies (sorry fruit flies) I decided to preserve the fruit for another time. 

This dehydrator is proving to be a useful and fun gadget as I try to incorporate more raw foods into my diet.  Not super cheap, but they have a few options with and without timers and 4, 5, or 9 trays and lots of new colors.  I like that the trays are all square so you can rotate easily.  The best place to get the dehydrator is from the manufacturer.  They frequently have sales and free shipping if you time it right.         

I got Death Star cantaloupe also in the CSA haul, so I still have fresh fruit for the week.


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River said...

More envy! Now I envy your dehydrator because I gave mine away when we moved a couple of years ago. Downsizing and whatnot.