Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2013 Mofo 10 - The Green Radish food Truck

New Yorkers love food trucks.  I was so excited that The Green Radish was in my hood today.  

I got a no lobster roll, crabless cakes, and a banana chocolate chip cookie.

The no lobster roll is chickpeas tarragon and greens on a soft roll with chucks of celery that give a nice crunch of texture and flavor. The crabless cakes is hearts of palm and peppers with a lovely lemon sauce.  Banana chocolate chip cookie doesn't need further explanation, right?

Absolutely delicious!  The Green Radish isn't always in the city, but you can check out their schedule on Facebook.  Heard about them this past weekend from the vegan meet-up (thanks Carmella!) and I'm not always in the city either so I'm glad I checked their Facebook page today and got to try their food.  Gourmet vegan food truck is a very good thing!


River said...

What a cute name and truck! The crabless cakes with all that gooey lemon sauce on top look so good!

janessa said...

That cart looks amazing. Love the name of your blog!