Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2013 Mofo 3 - Rancho Gordo

You all know the song.  Beans beans the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot!
And the joke: Why did the Irishman only eat 239 beans?  Because one more would make him Too-Farty!  (argh, argh, argh - Irish brogue implied)

Still reading?  If you like beans anyway because they're a healthy source of protein and wicked delicious then check out Rancho Gordo.

This haul is just what I still have in the packages from a couple of different orders.  I store the opened ones in (duh) mason jars.  I know it seems like dried beans are dried beans, but these beans are DEFINITELY fresher than what you'll find in the grocery store.  They rehydrate quickly upon soaking and cook faster, too.  The company supports small harvests and small farmers mainly in Mexico.

In addition to beans Rancho Gordo offers some unusual products that of course I just had to try.

Xoxoc - Dehydrated prickly pear

Vinagre de Platano - Yup, it's banana vinegar

La Paloma hot sauce - the best lots-of-flavor not-much-heat chile sauce suitable for anyone who likes the spice without the heat.  It's less hot-spicy than green tabasco.

Hand crafted stone ground cacao - for hot chocolate and what not

Oregano - Mexican and Indio - yes, of course I needed them both

Sal Mixteca - Special Oaxacan salt that magically softens beans       

For lots of awesome recipes with fancy bean suggestions check out The Great Vegan Bean Book by Kathy Heston.  

And for some lick-the-screen chocolate peanut butter brownie cookies made with beans, check out today's wing it vegan's mofo post.  Photo included for extra screen licking temptation, but go on over to her blog because River is awesome.   

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River said...

YOU are awesome! Thank you for the shoutout! :)

You should totally send the Irish joke to The Ellen Show for their Classic Joke Tuesdays. Funny and silly!

Banana vinegar? Never heard of it, but now I must have it!