Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Mofo 13 - Potage with black garlic

Yes, potage is just a fancied up word for soup.  

Here's my secret soup that's not really a recipe.  For me, potage always starts with potatoes.  I've been making this for a long time and I think I first made it when I got the vita mix.  I do remember early on I made it with restaurant leftovers - something like french fries and green beans - but it lends itself well to any type of potatoes and vegetables.  I usually make this with already cooked potatoes and blend it first, but it's just as easily made from scratch.  You just need to let it simmer long enough to cook the potatoes.


Today's potage features black garlic that I got at the H Mart (love the H Mart.)  Black garlic is fermented and is like a sweeter, stickier roasted garlic.  I first had it in risotto at a local restaurant for their meatless monday menu, and was pretty psyched to find it in the store.   

Potage du jour

3 cups roasted potatoes (these were salted)
1 cup roasted brussel sprouts (also salted)
1 cup packed fresh spinach
5 cloves black garlic
leaves from a sprig of fresh thyme
3 large fresh sage leaves
5 fresh rosemary leaves
1 TBS vegetable paste (or vegetable bullion)
Salt to taste (optional)

For a smooth soup, blend all together on high until completely smooth and heat and serve.

For a thick soup with more texture - small bits to chew - blend together on medium and stop when it's still chunky.  Pour out half the soup into the soup pan, then continue to blend the rest until smooth.  Pour the smooth half into the chunky half and heat and serve.  

I like a dollop of crème fraîche on top, so this is topped with cashew sour cream.  I also serve with crusty french bread or soup crackers.  

Don't forget about my vida vegan con zine giveaway.  Work has been crazy, but I'll post the winner this week.

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