Friday, November 21, 2008

From the pantry...New challenge

I'm no Morgan Spurlock but I think 20 days of not grocery shopping, bringing my lunch, and eating only items I already had in the house went pretty well.

The fridge is emptier and the plastic storage tubs a little lighter, but I still have a ways to go. What I'm going to do starting now is to try to only buy what I'm going to use that week and continue to whittle down the pantry surplus. Bringing my lunch has been a really good thing and I'm going to keep that up as well.

I am also participating in the Dark Days local food challenge. One day a week, I will prepare a meal using 90% local ingredients. This is not a vegan group, but there are a few other vegan's participating.

My local suburban farmer's market has its last day for the year tomorrow. The Union Square market in NYC is year round, so I'll have to check that out. This will be a challenge indeed, but I think I can make one meal a week local, right?


River said...

The local food challenge sounds so interesting! I bet Jessy from happyveganface would love this!

Joanna said...

jenn, i can't believe you haven't grocery shopped for 20 days!! that is a record and i would by starving.

you won the butterfly award on my blog btw!!! congratulations!!

Ginger said...

you're seriously inspirational! i'd have convulsions if i didn't visit the store every couple of days. holy schnykies!

Bethany said...

20 days! wow, you amaze me.

I have to get on that pantry of mine soon. it's a total mess and I hate that :).

I signed up for the dark days challenge, but after it had already started. oh well, i'm still doing it. I'm going to be a cheater for one of my posts and go to a restaurant that has a local menu. yeah, I'm bad :)