Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pimping the Vegan Babe...

I attended NYC's Vegan Drinks last Thursday and I met Brooke who runs the awesome website vegan babe.
"Vegan Babe is a free weekly newsletter and website covering the newest beauty, fashion and lifestyle trends for chic and faithful vegans, as well as those simply curious about compassionate alternatives."
Check it out! Click here to sign up for the newsletter.

Here's some picks for vegan winter coats.


Amanda said...

Mom's coming for Thanksgiving, and we're going to veganize this recipe: We'll probably add soy feta and chopped olives to it for "kick" - I'll let you know how it goes if you're interested.

Joanna said...

i figured the vegan drinks night would be fun!!! what did you get to drink??!?!