Sunday, November 30, 2008

Leftovers schmleftovers

I was gonna just make a thanksgiving sammich..but I had this bit of sauerkraut in my fridge, that really just needed to get out of the way (for all the other leftovers and some bread dough.)

So I whipped up a thanksgiving ruben instead. For un-turkey day I made chickpea cutlets because I never did get around to that stuffed seitan. I also lucked out with my friend Nicole's mom's green tomato relish for the russian dressing. I'm definitely going to have to get that recipe (it's local in Ohio!)

Easy ruben:

2 pieces rye bread
1 TBS Veganaise
1 TBS Ketchup
1 TBS relish (or diced dill pickles)
1/4 cup sauerkraut
1 chickpea cutlet (or some other sammich protein-deli slices work, too)

I tend to skip the swiss cheese element, as I think the sauce/sauerkraut is the important sammich flavoring.

Lightly toast bread. Mix veganaise, ketchup, relish and spread on toast. Heat up cutlets and sauerkraut and make sammich.

A little messy, but totally yum.


Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Yum! Reubens are my fave sammy!! Sometimes I skip the protein altogether and just do bread-kraut-dressing. Mmmmmm....

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

I've been craving reubens! I'll bet a cutlet would be great filling. Yum!

the little one said...

Oh, I absolutely love reubens!