Monday, November 10, 2008

Pantry Raid day 10 - Tortilla disaster = Crepes!

So I had a bag of Bob's Redmill masa harina hanging around the pantry and I thought I'd try my hand at tortillas. What a disaster. The recipe on the package says 2 cups masa harina and 1 cup water, adding a few TBS more water if needed.

I've made tortillas before with my mom's tortilla grill press thingy. It's two heated non-stick surfaces with a hinge (like a flat panini press), and you just press down on the dough and voila, tortillas. She also had some kind of tortilla mix that I think I just added water to. Those bad boys turned out great.

Yesterday didn't work out at all. I tried adding too much water, then some more masa harina, and no matter what I did, every time I flattened them they fell apart. And there was no salt in them, so even the marginally OK looking ones tasted terrible.

So not one to waste a good dough ball of cornmeal, I improvised. Since it was already 2 cups cornmeal and 1 cup water, I tossed the dough in the blender and added about a cup and 1/4 rice milk, 2 TBS arrowroot, and 1 tsp salt to vaguely resemble the vcon crepe recipe. Blended it up and stuck it in the fridge for about an hour.
Then I made cornmeal crepes out of the batter. These are awesome. I filled 4 crepes with fajita chix, green chilis, rolled them up and stacked them in a mini loaf pan. Then topped them with a jarred enchilada sauce mixed with some soft tofu. Freakin' yum. I'm so happy I messed up these tortillas.
And because I like to flip things out of molds....


Joanna said...

Thank god for crepes. I love crepes and maple syrup. my grandma used to make us stacks of them when my sister and i went over her house.

ps- you've been tagged!

miss v said...

i'm impressed that you make your own tortillas! i've never tried it.

and i love when disasters yield such awesomeness like crepes.

Anonymous said...

The crepes look great! That's awesome that a disaster turned itself into a miraculous appetizing meal , hehe