Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jenn is Thanking the Turkey

Just thought I'd treat my post like my facebook update.
The ninja agreed to a vegan thanksgiving, and I get to stay home and cook whatever I feel like today.

There's some broth already simmering on the stove.

Slim pickings at the last Tarrytown farmer's market last weekend, but I still have a bit of a stash to cook from. The grocery store is actually open today, but I think I'm still going to try to cook from just what I have.

We're looking at roasted veggies, squash, potatoes, the usual side dish affairs. Got stale homemade bread and some sage to make stuffing from scratch. I'm going to make seitan, and it's probably going to be cutlets, but I'm really thinking of trying to make a stuffed seitan like the field roast celebration roast thing. Making bread. Ah, it's really a holiday just for me. I can spend the entire day puttering around in the kitchen and it's considered normal. More later...

In case you didn't see the cool turkey loaf post from Susie on the PPK forum. This is the coolest not-a-turkey ever...


Ginger said...

i can't wait to see your seitan cutlets...i'm keeping my day simple and sticking to vegetable soup and mashed potatoes. i was sick a couple of days ago so i don't want to push it, haha!

have a good day in the kitchen!

River said...

YAY for a vegan Thanksgiving! I agree, that turkey loaf is the coolest not-a-turkey ever!

Joanna said...

OMG!! She should win an award for the bread turkey creation. i love that.
i hope you had a nice, relaxing thanksgiving!! i love being in the kitchen all day, too.

you betta put some food pictures of your seitan- i hope you stuffed that mother!!

Bethany said...

hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the "once removed" explanation. My father, the amateur genealogist, explains this to me on a regular basis, but I have yet to commit it to memory. Ah well. Thanks for the reminder.

And I must say that I enjoyed to use of the phrase "hypothetical spawn." Simply awesome.

Glad you had a fantastic non-turkey day. The veganized version of the mushroom and barley pie was *killer*, aside from the fact that it was really only half-veganized, since we couldn't find vegan puff pastry... Phyllo dough would be a great substitute for that, though.