Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Win a signed copy of Thanking the Monkey by Karen Dawn!

I'm went to the book signing tonight in NYC with Karen Dawn for Thanking the Monkey. I already have a copy, so I'm going to pass one along to YOU, dear reader. This book is awesome. So send me a brief comment on why you should be the lucky winner!

Tara of won a personalized book already because she commented before I went tonight. She volunteers at a cat shelter in Alaska and is an awesome vegan yogini!

I figured it wasn't really fair that I had about 4 hours between posting and when I went to the reading, so I'm giving y'all another shot. I got a 2nd signed book to give away. You have until Sunday 12/7 at 5pm EST to comment. What can I say winning stuff is cool and I like a little competition with a twist. And really this book is great.

Commenting at all is enough to get you entered, but I thought it would be fun to showcase anything you do to help animals/promote veganism, or whatever you want to say.


Tara said...

Hmm, I don't think there is any good reason WHY I should win, just that I'd really like a copy of the book.
And I want to let you know that the address of my blog changed! I'm now at
I hope you'll keep stopping by to read it!

Jenn said...

And the winner is Tara!
There are lots of good reasons she's a winner (besides being the 1st person to comment...)
Tara has been helping the kitties of Alaska by trudging through the animal shelter bureaucracy (in her awesome snowshoes no less) to give the cats some needed help.
Check her out!