Saturday, October 3, 2009

Daiya Cheese Crawl - NYC Vegan Eat Up

NYC Vegan Eat Up celebrated it's 7th birthday with a vegan cheese crawl through the village to sample Daiya cheese in several local restaurants. We started off at Two Boots, headed over to Counter, followed by Cafe Viva Natural Pizza, then a quick stop at Curly's Lunch for anyone who was still hungry, and some drinks and punk music at Otto's tiki lounge.

Di Sica stromboli featuring Daiya cheese stuffed with vegetables from Two Boots. I dug the stromboli. They used the perfect amount of Daiya, so it was really cheezy and flavorful. I ate the whole thing. Farro Salad from Counter. This was really fresh and tasty. The Daiya was present, but not overpowering and it wasn't melted, so it was a new way to enjoy it. The atmosphere at Counter is really cool (and dark) it's hip and not health foody if you know what I mean. I can't wait to come back for brunch sometime.The Super Mushroom pizza from Viva Natural Pizza. Viva wasn't quite prepared for us with enough of the special Diaya sicilian, but one of the eat-uppers ordered a whole mushroom pie with the daiya and split it. This was really yummy. I was full from the rest of the food, so I shared most of the slice with some other hungry eat-uppers.

Then we headed towards Ottos and a few people who wanted more food stopped into Curly's for some burgers. Otto's was like a time trip to what I imagine the 80's village scene looked like with dive bar atmosphere and punk music. It was pretty crowded, but we managed to get a table anyway (these eat up organizers can do anything!)

So all in all a really fun night. I'm so glad I found the eat up group. Everyone is so nice and it's really cool to meet other vegans. So fun in fact that I'm off to another eat up right now. Dim Sum!



Debra said...

I am dieing to try Daiya cheese. How fun! THanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

Oh, man. I'm SO jealous. I want to live in New York SO MUCH. Mix Daiya with NYC, I couldn't imagine a more perfect day. :)

jessy said...

oh wow! a vegan meetup sounds like so much fun! i can imagine being in the company of so many other vegans = the absolute best! :) i haven't tried daiya yet, but as soon as i find some i'm totally giving it a whirl! mmmmmmmm!

nora said...

Cool! My best friend went on the cheese crawl b/c I told her about it! Her name is Joanna (Jo), she said she was the only college-age student on it, and felt kinda funny, but had a good time! She has dark brown hair, and is super cute! Did you meet her? lol

Jeni Treehugger said...

People who wanted more food?? After all that?? MAN - I would have been in some good company.